The hostel consists of 30 beds in 11 rooms . It features a modern self-catering kitchen and a spacious samvarorum with television .
Wireless internet free for all guests .


Single 395 SEK / night
Double 595 SEK / night
3 bed room 750 SEK / night
4 bed room 995 SEK / night
5 bed room 1250 SEK/ night
Children up to 12 years SEK 100 / night - accompanied by parents .
Linen 50Kr / set
towel 25kr
Cleaning not included in the room rates, can be purchased from 50 kr

Breakfast: We have breakfast at the self- 50:-(kr) a person. Be reported no later than 18:30 the day before.
Note : Own sleeping bags are not allowed !!

Pets not allowed.


Free for accommodation in the hostel to borrow.